Sealing and strengthening of Ghadir garden pool

Execution of one of the most time-limited sealing and retrofitting projects

Ghadir Pool is one of the famous pools in Isfahan, which has faced two major problems in recent years. First, there was a cold joint in the wall of the pool that caused water to leak from the wall. The water leak corroded the concrete roof of the mechanical equipment tunnel around the pool. This corrosion had progressed to the point that the reinforcements have also rusted and disappeared. Therefore, firstly, the pool had to be sealed, and secondly, the roof of the tunnel had to be repaired and strengthened. These issues were solved in two phases.

First phase

Repair and strengthening of the tunnel roof, after repairing the damaged concrete, was done using FRP sheets. Finally, the concrete pool and the concrete channel around it were repaired and rehabilitated by repairing the defective concrete and increasing the bearing capacity.

Second phase

Cold structural joints and cracks were repaired using epoxy injection and rebar planting. In the next step, the pool wall was sealed using epoxy injection and polyurethane sealing materials, and finally, the roof of the pool mechanical equipment channel was repaired using FRP plates by the EBROG method.

Sealing and strengthening of Ghadir garden pool



Sealing and strengthening of Ghadir garden pool


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Ghadir Garden


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Strengthening of the slab beside the pool using FRP