Koosheh’s founders are a group of graduate undergraduates who have been pursuing the company after a decade of activities in various civil engineering and specialist fields. Initially, our activities focus on structural engineering, but because of the community’s need for sustainable development, we have focused our ability to Structural Health Monitoring and maintenance of structures to maintain the country’s physical assets. Koosheh can carry out all repair, maintenance and refurbishment processes from fault detection to optimal design and, finally, the execution of the structure, completely and individually (according to the needs of the employer). The decision is to provide the best possible quality projects in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost to our customers. Hence, we are eagerly looking for projects that are critical to their work and require high-level knowledge and high performance.

پروژه پایش سلامت مسجد جامع - کوشه سازان مانا

Sealing and retrofitting of Ghadir Pool

The sealing and retrofitting of the Ghadir Pool was carried out by Manas Koushehzas Co. in two phases. In the first phase of the restoration and rehabilitation of the tunnel roof ....

Sealing and retrofitting of Ghadir Pool

Perform sound, air and vibration tests in the Atiq Jami Mosque

Isfahan Atiq Jame Mosque is one of the most important cultural heritage of Isfahan ...

Perform sound, air and vibration tests in the Atiq Jami Mosque

Strengthening the bridge of Shahmoradi Bridge

The head of the bridge of Shahmoradi Bridge has become fundamental to the shear cracks due to design problems and construction ...

Strengthening the bridge of Shahmoradi Bridge

Majlesi City Refinery

The construction of an integrated foundation of 39 by 19 meters is perfectly aligned. Construction of a concrete tank measuring about 12 to 9 and a depth of 6 meters ..

Majestic City Refinery

Koosheh Sazan Mana Services

Local structural failures, if not detected and resolved promptly, can develop and cause general failure. For this reason, a set of strategies and methods of maintenance and troubleshooting in a branch of civil science called Health Monitoring Structures (SHM) have been gathered to identify timely failures and provide appropriate solutions. The main objective is to timely identify and prevent damage and reduce their costs, which will reduce long-term costs in the infrastructure of the country.

When the resistance issue is raised, it sometimes happens that only high-lifesaving structures are intended, if there are already many cases in the country that the structure has been retrofitted before use. Failure to update the regulations, errors in the design phase and the design phase, the conflicting specifications of the materials used with the intended designer design, the increase in load on the building, the installation of new equipment or structural changes, are one of the reasons why this is the case…

Koush began its initial activity in the field of design and construction. Several projects have been carried out in connection with construction, industrial, bridge, hydraulic, underground structures and symbolic structures. In the following, Kusheh services are introduced in the field of design and construction.

Koosheh Sazan Mana Values

The values ​​that govern it are not merely a collection of slogans, but our belief in our heart is that adherence to these principles is the cause of blessing in the work and satisfaction of our customers. We have placed honesty in transactions and fairness in transactions as the most fundamental principle of dealing with customers, shareholders and colleagues. Transparency in performance and productivity, along with the sense of responsibility and commitment of our team towards our employers, have made us a prominent business partner. In our efforts, we have always been working to ensure that the projects are carried out in the shortest possible time and with the economic cost of the interests of the employers and that the two parties benefit from the results of the partnership.